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Powerbox DPC-8000


Powerbox® DPC-8000
*All Powerbox listings can have a handling time of up to 5 business days though some shipments ship same day.  (This item may ship directly from Powerbox)
The Powerbox DPC-8000 240-volt lighting controller from Monster Gardens allows you to control up to eight 1,000 watt ballasts from the built-in timer. Plug directly into a 240-volt dryer or range outlet to have your lights up-and-running immediately or hard wire to your panel.
Available Configurations:
  • DPC-8000-240V-4P (NEMA 14-50P, 4-Prong Plug)
  • DPC-8000-240V-3P (NEMA 10-50P, 3-Prong Plug)
  • DPC-8000-240V-4HW (4-Wire Hardwire)
  • DPC-8000-240V-3HW (3-Wire Hardwire) 
Product Details:
The Powerbox DPC-8000 240-volt lighting controller powers up to eight 1,000 Watt ballasts from it’s battery backed up built-in timer. Set up in minutes by either mounting to a wall with the keyhole tabs or just set it flat on a surface using the non-skid rubber feet. 
Over-built for safety and performance, PowerBox remains the best affordable lighting controller on the market. Made from industrial-grade components and constructed from heavy-gauge steel, the enclosure is built to withstand heavy use yet resist scratches and cleans up easily. 
Worrying about your garden while you are away is not worth the few dollars that cheaply made controllers will save you. Our retail customers ask us what is the best lighting controller and Monster Gardens continues to recommend PowerBox Inc. lighting controllers for safety and reliability.
  • Industrial-grade components throughout.
  • Heavy-duty 14 gauge steel powder coated seamless enclosure.
  • Built-in digital timer with battery backup.
  • 8 240-volt outlets with timer override cable port.
  • All outlets are directly wired to power source with over-gauged internal wiring.
  • Plug and play into a 3 or 4-prong range outlet or hard-wire to the electrical panel.
  • Comes with four foot main power cable.
  • Custom power cable lengths available contact for a quote.
  • This unit is rated for up to 50 Amps at 240-V.
  • Hand-built at the California factory.
  • 5-year warranty
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Powerbox Flipbox LSM-8



Powerbox Flipbox LSM-8
*All Powerbox listings can have a handling time of up to 5 business days though some shipments ship same day. (This item may ship directly from Powerbox)

With a Powerbox Flipbox LSM-8 from Monster Gardens you can run eight lights with four ballasts to double your production capacity. Keep a second bloom room or maximize your efficiency and yield of your current garden.

Product Details:

The Powerbox Flipbox LSM-8 lets you run eight lights with four ballasts. Get max usage out of your gear as ballasts do not sit idle for 12 hours instead, the ballasts get left on continuously and the current is flipped to another set of four lamps and reflectors.

With the ballasts kept running 24-hours a day now, you can run twice the number of lights from four ballasts and potentially double your output off your existing power circuits.The LSM-8 allows you to only need purchase half the number of ballasts to cover the same square footage.

Use a Flipbox to cover the same area by hanging eight lights for each four ballasts in a single garden area then switch the lights back and forth in a checkerboard pattern. This is a professional technique to maintain even coverage and avoid hot spots.

Flipbox unit uses commercial-grade Square D relays.
Avoid having to install more power circuits.
Honeywell built-in timer with battery backup.
No 12/12 footprint: Have smooth electrical profile where the power is flowing constantly.
Flipbox uses over-gauged 600 volt cables.
Heavy-duty steel enclosure.
Powder-coated finish.
Keyhole mounting tabs.
Hand-built in the one California factory.
Uses Sunlight Supply style plugs.
Runs any voltage of ballast.
Magnetic and digital ballasts*.
Five year warranty.

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