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Powerbox Original Flipbox


Powerbox Original Flipbox®
*All Powerbox listings can have a handling time of up to 5 business days though some shipments ship same day.  (This item may ship directly from Powerbox)

With a Powerbox Original Flipbox from Monster Gardens you can run two lights per ballast. Link up to 20 individual Flipboxes together and use a single timer to flip them all at once. 

Product Details:

The Powerbox Original Flipbox keeps your ballast running but switches the current to another grow light in a different bloom area to save you money on ballasts and increase yields. You get the potential to double your production without wiring new power circuits into your electrical panel.

A Flipbox runs two lights per ballast by never letting the ballast turn off but instead flipping the power over to another grow lamp. The ballast keeps running and switches to another light to double the canopy space you are able to achieve off the same circuit using the same ballast.

Another useful strategy with a Flip Box is to hang two lights per ballast in a single garden and then switch back and forth between the lights to get more of an even coverage and no hot spots. By alternating lights you can hang the hoods closer to the plants and increase PAR to the canopy.


  • Industrial-grade relay.
  • Optional 120V trigger cord to can override timer.
  • Heavy-duty cords and receptacles with 14 AWG wire.
  • ETL Listed, UL Approved, CAN/CSA Approved.
  • Save the expense of having to install more power circuits.
  • Avoid 12/12 hour electrical footprint.
  • Heavy-duty steel enclosure with keyhole mounting tabs.
  • Hand-built in their California factory.
  • Comes with Sunlight Supply style plugs.
  • Works with any voltage ballast.
  • Runs both magnetic and digital ballasts*.
  • Five year warranty.
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