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Powerbox Grolite™ Reflector


Powerbox® Grolite™ Reflector
*All Powerbox listings can have a handling time of up to 5 business days though some shipments ship same day.  (This item may ship directly from Powerbox)
Powerbox® Grolite™ Reflectors from Monster Gardens are of the best that money can buy. Built in California from aircraft-grade aluminum to be lightweight and ultra-reflective.
  • 30" Long
  • 22" Wide
  • 9" High
(Ideal coverage for 3'x4', 4'x4', 4'x5' and 5'x5')
Product Details:
Designed and built in California from aircraft-grade aluminum Powerbox® Grolite™ Reflectors are lightweight and come fully assembled. They come with a 15 foot cord but these units also have a junction box with terminal lugs to allow you to attach your own cord of any length.
Glass lenses and sealed reflectors cause up to 15% PAR loss even when they are operating at 100% peak efficiency. As soon as the first speck of dust lands on your lens you are losing out. Also, cooling your bulbs results in additional loss of PAR.
Allowing for additional air conditioning equipment to free you from having to use glass lens reflectors is ultimately the most beneficial approach to getting the most out of your gardens. stands behind this approach as being the preferred method.
  • Comes fully assembled, built in California.
  • 100% lightweight aluminum construction.
  • Reflective white powder coating.
  • Hanging hardware comes included.
  • 15' Cord included standard with junction box with terminal lugs to connect any cord length.
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