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The MicroFog Atomizer - A True Low Pressure Atomizer! (1/4" inlet / Output)




Most competitor sprayers on the market use impellers or high pressurization to create a fog or mist, negatively affecting beneficial microbes you intend to be in your feed solution The MicroFog can operate off of any air compressor that is capable of producing 30 PSI and 1 CFM of air. Biology can still thrive when PSI is below 50/60, allowing you to receive the full benefit of your foliar applications (especially with compost teas). This low water volume and low CFM system will make your foliar liquid go the distance by efficiently covering a much larger area of your garden. This sprayer can also be used in DYI clone chambers or machines to provide you the best Aero-Fog on the market to create a unique level of Rhizo-development!

The inputs are designed for the use of 1/4 tubing.

The Microfog Atomizer is capable of the following:

1. Can be used as foliar feeder or a root zone feeder
2. Can be used in a greenhouse to lower temperature or increase humidity
3. Nozzle produces 0-30 Micron Fog at 35 PSI. It can produce a 30-100 Micron Mist at 25 PSI and can produce a 200+ Micron Spray at 18 PSI.
4. Consumes 1 GPH of water or nutrient solution (the most efficient sprayer on the market)
5. Fully compatible with biology! (We looked at the tea in a microscope before and after application. The MicroFog had no effect on smaller microbes! Even Mycorizhae spores were not effected by the atomization.
6. Nozzle are made in the USA and are made of stainless steel!

You will need both an Air Compresor, 1/4 Tubing, and a Water Tank (any size you desire).

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