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Grow More EZ Wet SE, Quart



Grow More EZ Wet SE, Quart

Grow More EZ Wet SE is a cuticle disrupting insecticide which contains a sugar detergent (soap as the active ingredient. Sugar soap is a new generation bio-pesticide that belongs to the soap (or salts of fatty acids) class of chemistry.

EZ Wet SE has contact insecticidal activity on all stages of soft body insects, including eggs. Insect pests that are contacted demonstrate altered behavior within minutes and rapidly die The active ingredient, sugar soap, works like a detergent to dissolve the wax and lipid layer component in the cuticle, spiracles, and tracheae. EZ Wet SE interacts with the lipid bipolar protein matrix of the cell membrane disrupting their semi permeability. !insect respiration and moisture regulation is interrupted, causing immediate mortality. EZ Wet SE can also provide fungicidal activity as a cuticle disruptor by killing the mycelium of fungi which have the same dissolvable wax layers as insects and higher plants.

Unique cuticle disrupting properties:

• Excellent control of many sucking and soft body pests.

• Used at very low rates 1/2 to 2 % by volume

• Works through contact activity

• Not affected by hard water, metal ions or variations in water pH(Unlike insecticidal soap

Speed of uptake:

EZ Wet SE exhibits superior and immediate wedding properties and cuticle penetration. EZ Wet SE is amphoteric and has excellent surface tension reduction properties, all favoring rapid and efficient uptake of tank mixed products. Compared with water which has a surface tension of 72 dynes/cm, EZ Wet SE with 27 dynes/cm provides 1/3 the surface tension of water, resulting in rapid penetration o the insects cuticle, spiracles and tracheae for rapid control.

Environmental fate and safety:

Fatty acids and sugars are rapidly biodegradable. EZ Wet SE exceeds the 70 percent dissolved oxygen content removal requirement for classification as readily biodegradable. Additionally EZ Wet SE is biodegradable under both aerobic and anaerobic conditions. EZ Wet SI is not accuteley toxic and lethal doses in rats is 2.03 grams/kilograms and has minimum "caution" label/worker safety guidelines.

EZ Wet SE has a favorable ecological toxicology profile, being practically non toxic to birds when ingested, non-toxic to fish, daphnia, mollusk, and earthworms are insensitive.


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