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Genesis DE Enhanced ARC 1000W (doubled ended 400V)



4 or more $96.00
12 or more $94.00

Genesis DE Enhanced ARC 1000W (doubled ended 400V)

Genesis Enhanced ARC HPS DE Lamp. Here is the newest commercial light advancement from the fastest growing horticulture lamp brand in the USA, Genesis. The Genesis DE “Enhanced ARC” lamp supplies all of the benefits this California based brand is known for, unique “Top Tier” performance at a tremendous value.

Genesis DE 1000w HPS offers a true horticulture performance with enhanced UV spectra, while supplying the highest PAR output in the industry. Due to enhanced UV, Genesis DE lamps promote healthier vegetative growth and increased essential oil production in flower, while still supplying the intensity DE lamps are known for to maximize your flower size and weight. 

Genesis DE lamps have been developed for commercial reliability and performance, providing one of the lowest depreciation rates of DE lamps tested on the market. The Genesis testing lab has one of the highest levels of quality control in the industry. Every lamp is inspected three times before is leaves the facility.

Genesis Technical Information

-400v lamp compatible with industry DE fixture and reflectors (400V lamp compatibility)

-Long arc tube lifespan with low energy consumption

-Increased Red and Blue spectra for superior horticulture performance

-Optical quality quartz glass outer lamp jacket

-Highest photosynthetic photon output supplying >2100 μmol

-Double ended K12 x 30S lamp base

-1 year warranty

-Designed to operate in complete lighting fixtures such as: P.L. (complete fixture), Gavita E (complete fixture), Gavita Pro (complete fixture) , Epapillion (complete fixture)  , Phantom DE (complete fixture)  , Nanolux DE (complete fixture)  

Caution: Turn Power off before bulb inspection, installation or removal. Protect bulb from direct contact with liquids to avoid breakage from thermal shock. Keep combustible items away from bulb during operation. Operate bulb in a fixture with an identical ANSI lamp cord and ANSI mogul socket. Do not exceed that ballast stated wattage. Do not use bulb if glass looks scratched or broken. Do not use bulb beyond rated life span. Ensure bulb is fully installed prior to ignition. Allow bulb to cool prior to handling. Contains sodium avoid contact with skin if bulb is broken. Do not use excessive force when screwing in bulb. Wear safety glasses and gloves when installing lamp. Sodium bulbs are recommended to be replaced every 1-1.5 years (ran for a minimum of 12 hours a day).

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