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Powerbox Electronic HD-1000 Digital DE Ballast


Powerbox® Electronic HD-1000 Digital Ballast
*All Powerbox listings can have a handling time of up to 5 business days though some shipments ship same day.  (This item may ship directly from Powerbox)
The Powerbox® Electronic HD Digital Ballasts from Monster Gardens are built for durability and reliability. Maximize your light output while lowering electrical consumption and heat generated due to electrical resistance. 
Product Details:
Powerbox® Electronic HD-1000 Digital Ballasts are designed in California and manufactured to the same exacting specifications that makes Powerbox inc. legendary for their quality and reliability. With a PowerBox ballast you get the most efficiency with the best safety features in one unit.
Built-in Ignition Management senses bulb conditions downstream to determine and adjust to wattage conditions or bulb failure instantly. The Soft Start feature causes the ballast to send less power to your bulb than typical ballasts protecting the longevity of your grow bulbs.
Made using over-sized heat sink fins and air channels for the best cooling of any non air-cooled ballast. Has no moving parts which creates low levels of noise in rooms running many ballasts. The highest quality circuit boards and thick guaged wiring is used in Power Box ballasts.
Product Features:
  • Works with all Powerbox® lighting controllers.

  • Safely Powers HPS, Metal Halide and even Double-Ended Bulbs. 

  • Soft Start Staggered Start-up to protect longevity of bulbs.

  • Powerbox Flipbox® Compatible.

  • Best reliability and construction.

  • Dual-Voltage 120-V / 240-V.

  • Both 120 volt and 240 volt cords included in each box.

  • Lowest Total Harmonic Distortion.

  • Built from the Highest Quality Components

  • Designed and tested in California. 

  • Manufactured in China to exact specifications.

  • 3 Year Warranty. 

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